How Do Bloggers Make Money? (3 Known Ways)

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Read the title of this post clearly! It is not how to make money from blogging. Rather, how do bloggers make money?

So remove it straight from your mind if you think this post will teach you how to start blogging or how to make money from blogging.

A lot of people have this wrong misconception about blogging and how bloggers make their money. They have always wondered how do bloggers make money.

Some people think bloggers make money from the data of people that visit their blogs. Data in this context means internet subscription. They believe the telecom operators remove their data and pay in form of money to a blogger’s bank account. This is funny right?

I don’t know what you believe but this blog post will show you how bloggers make money from their blogs. Before I go into that, it is worth knowing that not every blogger or blog owner makes money from his or her blog.

Some people blog for the fun of it. It is just a passion and they don’t care about blog monetization.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

1. Advertisement

This is the biggest method by which bloggers across the globe make their money blogging. Advertisement is their major source of income. They placed adverts on their blogs.

I am pretty sure you do see adverts of various formats in blogs. Some of these adverts can be banner displays, text links, pop up, or videos. The adverts can come directly from a business owner, a brand or advertising networks.

Advertising networks are the easiest method bloggers use to monetize their blogs. So next time you see adverts on a blog, know that it is not for beautifying the blog.

Some bloggers also make money outside their blogs through social media. There are many bloggers with huge followers on social media. Some business owners might not want to do blog advertisements, they prefer social media. So they pay the bloggers to post the adverts on their social media pages.

Now that you have known one way how bloggers make money from blogging, let’s move to the next method.

2. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way how bloggers make money from blogging. A sponsored post can still be under advertising because it is a marketing piece of content that directly or indirectly promotes a business.

Individuals or brands pay bloggers to publish articles on their blogs for a certain amount of money. The article is either written by the individual, the business owner or the blogger. The article must have a link to the business owner’s website either in plain or in a hyperlink.

Perhaps, you have visited a blog where the first sentence of the article states “This is a sponsored post”.  A sponsored post can also be a paid review. A brand pays a blogger to review one of its products.

Please take note; not all reviews you see on a blog are paid reviews. The blogger wasn’t paid to write or publish that article. But then, the blogger can still make some money from that review post through affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another big way some bloggers make money from their blogs. Affiliate marketing is a long-existing business model where an affiliate promotes a product or service of a business and gets paid for leads or sales.

In blogging, a blogger joins an affiliate program; he or she places the banner or link of the business in his or her blog article or sidebar. When visitors come to the blog and click on the link or banner, they are taken to the website of the business. When they buy a product or pay for a service, the blogger gets a commission for being the referrer.

So sometimes when you see a review about a business on a blog, the blogger wasn’t paid for it but might get paid if someone actually patronizes that business through his/her blog.

Are you still ignorant about how bloggers make money from blogging? Now, the question is since you have known how bloggers make their money; do you want to learn how to start blogging?

If yes, I can direct you to resources that will teach you how to start blogging. You can use the contact page to reach out to me.

If you are not ready and willing to spend money to start a blog, you should forget about it. Bloggers spend to create their blogs and they spend to maintain their blogs.

This blog post is just small enlightenment for those who don’t know how bloggers make money from blogging. If you have been educated, kindly share this blog post.

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