Why Do Some People Intentionally Avoid Others?

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No man is an island. No man can stay to himself. At one point in time, we will need people for something. When someone is avoiding others, there are reasons for that.

If anyone is avoiding you, there could be reasons for that, but it doesn’t mean that you are a problem to them. They have their reasons.

There are various reasons why some people intentionally avoid others and a few reasons are justifiable. Do you want to know the reasons why do some people intentionally avoid others?

5 Reasons Why Some People Intentionally Avoid Others

Why Do Some People Intentionally Avoid Others

1. Money

Rich people like to avoid people who don’t have money. They do this because they don’t want others to disturb them about their financial issues.

It is hard for poor people to avoid others because they know their breakthrough can come from anyone. Their destiny changer or helper can be who they don’t expect so they welcome anyone. People who have money avoid others a lot because they think they have it all and don’t need a helper.

2. Hiding Something or Have Done Something Wrong

Most times when people have done something terrible in private and they know if it backfires, and the outcome will be disastrous, they start to avoid others, especially those who are directly involved.

Another case might be that they have done something bad to another person and the only way to stay away from constant guilt is to avoid the victim.

3. Betrayal

When people have been betrayed by their loved ones, family members, business associates, they break down emotionally and start to avoid people. Most times they might be hostile to people who try to come close to them.

This is very justifiable. They will heal within time. If you cannot assist this set of people, don’t add to their pain.

4. Depression

Depression is one of the leading causes of self-isolation and suicide. This set of people has a world of their own. They avoid people and other things people find very enjoyable.

There are different causes of depression, some are known and some are unknown. This set of people needs love and attention. They need mental and emotional support. When they avoid people, it is justifiable.

5. Pride and Ego

This is a very dangerous one. This is so because it is difficult to change. A common misconception is that money is the only reason why people become proud. Some poor people also have dangerous pride and ego.

A lady that thinks she is very pretty can develop dangerous pride if she is so much obsessed with her beauty. A guy that thinks he is very intelligent or handsome can develop dangerous pride and become so boastful.

This set of people usually look down on people and talk down on others. Every conversation is usually centred on themselves and their achievements. They will avoid people who don’t meet up to their standards.

Here is one thing you need to know, aside from betrayal and depression, if you avoid people because you feel so confident about your money, class, education, personal appearance or any other reasons, there will be a time you will need people and they will avoid you.

Life is designed in a way no man can completely depend on himself. You must need people for other things. Rich people still need people for other things. Intellectuals still need people for other things.

So you have seen some reasons why people intentionally avoid others.

When Someone Avoids You, What Should You Do?

If someone avoids you, do not be quick to assume or conclude that they have pride, or they have something against you. They might be passing through some challenges.

Give them some time and wait to see if they will change their attitude toward you, and if they don’t, try to reach out to them. If they are not responsive, then let them be.

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