This Site Can’t Be Reached (Err_Address_Unreachable). How To Fix

This site can’t be reached (err_address _unreachable) issue and the solution I will be talking about in this post is based on my personal experience and I how was able to fix it.

In my case, it happened to my android device so if you are one of those searching for how to fix err_address_unreachable android, this guide might of help.

What Is Err_Address_Unreachable

This site can’t be reached (err_address_unreachable) error can either be from your end or the website (server side). Most times, it happens more in the chrome browser but can also happen in other browsers too except if you use a VPN.

If you see an “err_address_unreachable” error when trying to visit a site in Google chrome, it means you can’t reach the site you want to visit. This error usually appears when you try to visit a non-existent site. But sometimes, you may see this error even when attempting to load a valid website.

In my case, the websites I try to visit were valid websites, one of the websites was Ezoic – trying to login to my publisher dashboard. So I was sure the problem was on my end.

This Site Can’t Be Reached Err_Address_Unreachable

How To Fix  This Site Can’t Be Reached (Err_Address_Unreachable)

If you are finding the solution how to fix err_address_unreachable android phone, you should continue reading. There are a lot of solutions on the internet to fix the problem. There is no point in writing about them again.

In my case, the err_address_unreachable error started when I changed to a new phone and also started using a Mifi.

I noticed that some websites won’t open when I use my mobile data with a particular network provider (MTN). When I switched to another network (GLO), those sites will open.

The Mifi I got was from MTN but when I connect it and use it on my phone, those websites that didn’t open when using my phone data all opened.

This was the first I was experiencing this and it was so confusing to me. I tried all the solutions on the internet but this site can’t be reached (err_address_unreachable) error persists.

I just concluded the Mifi must have confused my phone’s internet Crazy thought. Then I did something – I had to reset my phone to my factory setting. Everything returned to normal. The err_address_unreachable stopped.

I am not advising you to reset your mobile phone if you are experiencing this site can’t be reached on chrome or any other browser.

This Site Can’t Be Reached (Err_Address_Unreachable). Easy Solution

At the time was writing this post, it is 18/10/2022 at 12:51 PM. Yesterday, I experienced the same issue again. This time it happened because I switched the sim cards. That is, I move sim one to sim two and sim two to sim one in the tray.

The sim card port is by the upper side of the phone. I am saying this so you could have an idea about the android phone – you don’t need to switch off your phone when you change the sims.

The Ezoic website wasn’t opening anymore. Initially, I thought, it was server-side from ezoic. I switched the internet network and the website opened.

What I did was to switch back the sim cards back to how it was and this site can’t be reached (err_address_unreachable) error stopped. I don’t know why this should be the solution but it worked.

With this, I believe this can be one of the solutions on how to fix err_address_unreachable android phone. You just have to switch the sim cards if your android phone uses two sim cards or you should switch networks if you are the type that subscribed to different networks.

If I ever experienced err_address_unreachable and I find another solution to it, I will update this post. If you tried this solution and it worked for you, leave a comment below and share it with others using the social media buttons below.

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